MOTI Piin Plus Disposable Pod Device 670mAh

Flavor: Passion fruit Ice
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Introducing the upgraded version of the much loved MOTI Piin Disposable Vape, the MOTI Piin Plus! It’s a premium disposable vape that delivers vapor performance, flavor and convenience.
With a unique cylindrical form factor, the Piin Plus delivers long lasting vaping enjoyment in a disposable vape pen that is under 4.4 inches in length. It doubles the number of puffs in its predecessor, the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes! 
But rest assured, you get to enjoy that extra quantity without a drop in quality. The Piin Plus delivers rich flavors, all made possible thanks to polymer cotton. 
Last but not least, it’s light-weighted and portable, ready to fire whenever you need it! 
Getting excited? Let’s explore the world with enthusiasm and MOTI Piin Plus!


Product Size: H4.4inch*D0.69inch (H111.7mm*D17.5mm)
Capacity: 4ml
Power: 7.7W
Resistance: 1.6Ω
Number of Puffs: 1000+
Built-in Battery: 670 mAh
Nicotine: 20mg/ml or 50mg/ml (To-be-Confirmed)
Shelf Life: 24 months

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