Smoant SANTI Mesh/RBA Coil 3pcs/1pc

Type: S-1 DL 0.4ohm
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Product Introduction

Please buy the Smoant SANTI Mesh/RBA Coil for your Smoant SANTI Pod/Smoant SANTI Pod Kit. The Smoant SANTI coil includes mesh coil and RBA coil to satisfy your different hobbies. And the Smoant SANTI mesh coil has three resistances for your choice. Using the new wire material ERNiCrMo with mesh structure, perfectly offering purification for e-liquid and extending wire's lifespan. Just get it as a spare part.


S-1 DL (3pcs)
Resistance: 0.4ohm
Type: Mesh
(Range: 30-35W)
S-2 RDL (3pcs)
Resistance: 0.6ohm
Type: Mesh
S-3 MTL (3pcs)
Resistance: 1.2ohm
Type: Mesh
(Range: 7-12W)
Resistance: DIY
Type: DIY

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  • 1 x Smoant SANTI Mesh/RBA Coil 3pcs/1pc

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